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Mrs. Tiananana loves to travel around the world, but her favorite comfortable place is home. She doesn't follow fashion, but tries to look good at appearance. Wants to be a unique person, yet never wants to stand out in the crowd. There's always a contradiction in everyone, right?

This blog is a place to memorize her travel experience, fashion & hijab-thingy (although she's not that fashionable), delicious food she's tried, and some creativity / DIY-things. She used to write diary and make her own 'creative magazine' when she was a child, and blogging feels like doing that 2 things at the same time.

Full time housewife, mother of 2, part time blogger & creative person wannabe. Currently living in Jakarta.
Just call her Tia. She hopes this blog could paint a smile in your face ;D

For any questions or advertisement inquiries (product review, giveaway sponsor, logo advertising), please mail [tiananda.w (at) gmail (dot) com]