Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's always nice to know the story behind a painting.

A friend of mine asked me to draw a birthday present. Her friend loves children very much and had lots of foster children (anak asuh). I only painted 3 child, because the wood wouldn't be enough to draw dozens :) what a beautiful heart!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Would You Wood Yourself?

Lately my hours are filled with... talenan a.k.a wooden cutting board! The first time I paint on wood was to draw flower in this post. Then I try to accommodate my friend's need of unique anniversary gift. He asked me to paint his & his wife's face! At first I was nervous, this wooden painting is new for me. And I don't think I can paint realistically. The face painting will be different from their real face :( But however, the truth is I don't really like realistic painting because I have a weird feeling that people's eyes in the painting would blink at night! :p

Here's my latest work.
Painting 4 faces on 4 talenan. It's not easy as copy paste. All is handpainted, level of stress & boredom gets higher :p
Family portrait
Custom Anniversary Gift
I still don't know whether I will seriously promote & market my talenans work, because painting these woods really take time, patient, and much love, of course! :D I could sit all day in the dining table painting, and forgot to clean the house *eh*
In case you wanna ask me about the talenan, you can contact me through Line tianandaw or Whatsapp 081 2356 4958 ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Floating Market Lembang Short Trip

My neighborhood community a.k.a arisan ibu RT & RW held an outing to Bandung last Wednesday. It's been years since their last vacation together, and they've been missing their togetherness.
We visited Panci Bima (maklum wisata emak-emak), Floating Market, and Kartika Sari Dago, but really Floating Market was the highlight of the day!

Oh yeah maybe you're wondering how old am I to join 'arisan ibu-ibu RT' which consists women from 40-75 years old. I've just joined the arisan for a few months, since I moved to my house now. Being a housewife, I don't have many friends coz friends at my ages are working during weekdays! I feel like I should socialize with my neighborhood, for example, joining arisan. Of course I was the youngest member :p They even said, "Oh you're the same age as my third child!" or "Your age is like my grandson!"
I brought tripod and Fujifilm X10 pocket camera so that we can take photo in full team.

After some rain
My favorite view! I love the tudor house.
Taken by myself and my tripod. Yay! Finally a picture of me!
You know the feeling when you went to a place and felt like you should come back there with a person you love / your family? Well I definitely feel that way. I should bring hubby & mom & dad & brother here! Buuuut maybe during weekdays yaaaa ;D

Update: Me & ibuk-ibuk had lunch at Timbel Restaurant in Floating Market. They served jumbo portion of Nasi Timbel, with tahu tempe, ayam kampung goreng, sambel oncom, lalapan, and sayur asem. Super kenyang!! Akhirnya nggak jajan di pasar apungnya... *err cuma beli colenak sihhh*

Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Afternoon in Lucerne

Salaam. This is a late post of some unblogged photos from Europe trip 2012 :)
Time surely flies!
With my nephew, N, he was only 2 years old yet sooo talkative. "Tante Tiyak jaketnya lembut yaaa..." and he was so attached to me when I put my parka :))) *in this picture I didn't wear the 'lembut' jacket and he was, "Tante Tiyak kok gak pake jaket yang lembuuut..." :))))))
The Lion Monument, a sleeping lion sculpture in Lucerne Switzerland
In the morning we went to Mount Titlis at Engelberg
Udah pantes belum buat ngemong anak? :p *doakan yaaaa*

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Garage Saleeee!

Because my closet seems full, I think it's the best time to sell some pieces :)
These outfits have been loved, and I hope they can go to somebody's closet who will love them too.

01. Preloved Dress
Aifa Suitcase Creme Maxi Dress
All Size, dengan vuring eksklusif seperti baju-baju butik, jahitan rapi. Worn 2-3 times, always cleaned at laundry.
Rp 250.000 (bought around 550.000 - 600.000)

Worn at my Pengajian Menjelang Pernikahan.

02. Preloved Winter Coat / Parka

Promod Black Winter Coat / Winter Jacket / Parka
Size L, isi 70% down (serat bulu angsa) & 30% feather (bulu angsa).
Super hangat, pernah dipakai ke Seoul suhu minus (-9 derajat).
Rp 550.000

Contact me via whatsapp 081 2356 4958 or Line ID: tianandaw ;)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

DIY Rose Stamp from Pakchoi

My thought every time I cut pakchoi (and other vegetables in cabbage-family) is, "Hey, the leftover looked like rose!" Instead of going to garbage immediately, let's play with them.

See? The vegetable leftover forms a rosy shape

Stamp it! My pak choi only had few leaves, so the rose is not full.

Voila, a bouquet of roses :D
Stroke a bit of paint in empty spaces at the roses to create more rose petals. Have fun!

Tips: use vegetables with more leaves to create fuller rose ;)


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