Saturday, October 18, 2014

Marshmallow Wedding

I totally forgot to post this beautiful wedding of my cousin, Pram & Reny on February 2014 :D The color theme is pink and purple, just like marshmallow!
Strawberry flavour Corner, beautifully arranged by Sonokembang Catering.

I love my makeup :D No cukur alis hehehehehe (no eyebrow plucking ;p)

Me and my family!
My cousins! Those three pinkies are Pram's sisters.
Taken from various source: my Instagram, Pram's facebook, Sonokembang Catering photos, and cousin's Line ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Giveaway! Free Pokaku Voucher!

I have 3 Pokaku vouchers worth Rp 100.000 each, which I'll share to my blog readers!

How to Join:
  1. Simply leave a comment in your favorite blog post (any post at my blog): #PokakuGiveaway, your name, your blog address, and your email :D
  2. I'll choose 3 lucky bloggers and give their email address to Pokaku, so Pokaku can send the vouchers ;)

Ditunggu komennya sampai 22 Oktober yaa :D

Tokyo Banana is Not Halal :(

...which is a very bad news!!!
Because a few days ago hubby got a box of Tokyo Banana from his friend. Original from Japan, this banana flavored cake is very popular!
I took a picture of this well-wrapped box (I love how Japanese always pay attention on details!).

And opened one. And tasted it with hubby. And yum it's delicious. And posted it to my Path. And a friend asked, "Is it halal?"

Then I realized how stupid I was, to not googling it first! After a quick research, the conclusion is: HARAM. T____T still have plenty of tokban cake....

Here's a good post as source of info about Tokyo Banana has animal gelatin (mostly, gelatin in nonmuslim country is from pig). Taken from that post, I'll repost some haram-halal ingredient in case you wanna buy some food in Japan.

Haram ingredients:
1. ショトニング Shortening

2. マーガリン Margarin

3. 油脂 Fat

4. ゼラチン ジラチンGelatin

5. 肉、鳥肉、豚



All kinds of meat beef, chicken, pig (because they might be slaughtered without Basmalah)

6. ビーフエキス Beef extract

7. 鳥肉エキス、チキンエキス Chicken extract

8. 肉エキス Meat extract

9. ポークエキス Pork extract

10. ラード(豚)Lard (Butaniku; pork)

11. ビーフカレBeef curry

12. ビーフコンソメ Beef consomme

13. コンソメパウダーConsomme powder

14. コンソメ Consomme

15. ラードor豚脂、ヘッドor牛脂、加工油脂 Lard, beef tallow oil, mixture of various fats

16. アルコール Alcohol

17. ワイン Wine

18. リカー、酒類、醸造酒、焼酎 Liquor

19. 洋酒 Western liquor

20. 酒 Sake

21. 洋酒漬レーズン Raisin moistened with western wine

22. ブランデー Brandy

23. ラム酒 Western wine

24. みりん Red sake

1. 植物性ショトニング vegetables shortening

2. 植物性油脂 vegetables fat

3.植物性マーガリンMargarine from vegetables

4.乳化剤(大豆由来)Emulsifier from soy bean
Oh boy. Reading that words make my eyeball hurt :)))) I should have learned Japanese!

About KitKat Green Tea, which is also a popular gift from Japan, I found a good blogpost from Malaysian blogger. Some kinds of Japan Kitkats are (may be) halal and some are not, depend on the code and ingredient.

Me personally, I will not buy any KitKat coz I'm boycotting Nestl* products >_<
Why boycott? Because some companies support Israelis to fight Palestinians. Some of our money might be a donation for bullets and bombs (mashaAllah) T_T

What brands to boycott? Find the answer here, includes the reason why.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Paint another simple design in wooden cutting board :D

Writing a calligraphy using acrylic paint & brush in wood is not as easy as I think. Took about 2 hours to finish all of this simple painting (including snacking :p). Wow time surely flies when I do things I love!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Soap Making With Kippabuw

Sunday, September 28, I joined soap making class by mbak Vero from Kippabuw :D The class held in Paviliun 28, an eclectic cafe in Kebayoran Jakarta.
I love the place! But hubby didn't like it :)) He prefers waiting for me in a clean-decorated place (well it's all about taste of art, yo)

Patung Pancoran!!!

I found this cafe is unique with all it's randomness. They sell jamu and Indonesian food.

OOTD *failed to be a hijab fashion blogger hihihiiii I'm sooo not photogenic! Never looked cool on camera!

Soap making process: scale, mix, stir. Only a few ingredient: coconut oil, olive oil, water, and sodium hydroxyde for saponification process (will be all gone after the soap is finished). No SLS/SLES or paraben or anything hard to pronounce like soaps in supermarket :D

Voila we're done! Now comes the hardest part: WAITING. Wait 24-48 hours before we can remove soap from the mold and cut into soap bar. And then wait for another 4 to 8 weeks (yes, WEEKS) for the soap to be ready to use. The longer the better.
Ah yes, if we're not patient enough, simply just buy it to natural soap seller :D Hihihiiiii...

BTW those food in the last picture, I don't know what menu is that, like nasi campur vegetarian... Tasted sooooo gooooddddd!!!

PS: ingredients of natural soap can be found online, many international bloggers share their recipe ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Woody Flowery

It's been a long long time since I think 'I am a creative girl'. In my childhood I used to draw my own comic, make my own 'activity book' (like the ones sold for kids: a magazine containing maze, crossword puzzles, fill the dots to make a picture, etc), sew my teddy's clothes, and making cute cards for mom & friends.
Well, I'm not gonna blame my academic activity but school really turned me into a left-brained person :p

I wanted to study graphic design but at my highschool everybody seemed wanting to be a doctor or an engineer. Well then I got accepted at management Unair & industrial engineering ITS, and chose ITS. This part of my life, I thought I was a smart girl, but gradually lose my sense of art :)))
I am grateful though, I met my hubby in college! It's a bonus hehehehe...

This blog is the place where I can pour my creativity.
Now I'm practicing painting again. This is my first trial painting on wooden cutting board.
Hydrangea, acrylic on wood. Found a tutorial on the net how to draw hydrangea. Still far from perfection, but I never thought I can do this until I stroke my brush :)

The conclusion is, follow your passion although it's a bit different than the society. Dian Pelangi went to SMK and then fashion college, and now she's soooo successful. We can't change the past, but nothing is too late. Susan Boyle found out she was so good in singing in Britain's Got Talent, when she was 50.

And when things aren't going as you dreamed, remember that Allah always has a plan, better for you. For me, it's finding my soulmate and best friends in the college ;) *ambil hikmahnya saja*


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