Saturday, July 12, 2014

Traveling: Hello Jogja! #2 (+ Food Review)

Assalamu'alaikum! ^_^
Continuing my Jogja story on early June, here's what I do in Jogja for a week (while hubby had a workshop - he works and I shop! Just kidding heheheh):
  1. I went to Prambanan temple with hubby's friend's wife + kids
  2. Met my highschool friends, one is studying postgraduate at Jogja, and one lives at Seyegan (town near Jogja)
  3. First meet up with Lucia, a blogger friend, crafter from Jogja
  4. Meet up with Aicha, a former Hijabee Surabaya committee who studies postgraduate at UGM
No no no shopping. Because a wife should be wise on spending money! ;p
Prambanan Temple!

With mbak Fika's cuteeee daughter! >_<

Still on restoration after earthquake & volcano eruption hit Jogja

With Swasti (+ her newborn daughter!), Danar, and meeee at Swasti's house, Seyegan

Went to Taman Budaya Jogja with Luchie, a few days before the Art Fest began (by the time they held the Art Fest, I have already went back to Jakarta, poor me!)

Luchie guided me to Museum Mainan Anak Kolong Tangga inside Taman Budaya (it's really located under the stair!)
Toys & puppets from all around the world

Lotus Mio cafe at Jl. Tirtodipuran, food looked simple but it tastes good. But only if you like the taste of western food, a little bit bland and not much spices ;) Price quite expensive, but looked like they have good quality ingredients. (There's also a cute gift shop inside the cafe!)

Luchie took me to Kurnia Lurik, a lurik factory (with no machine!) where Abdi Dalem Keraton usually buy many of it. It is on JL. Krapyak Wetan, No. 133 Yogyakarta.

On the way back to hotel, me and Luchie ride becak from Jl. Tirtodipuran to Taman Pintar (then I took a shuttle bus from there). We passed by Keraton, Tamansari, and Abdi Dalem's houses. No picture, because I only wanted to enjoy that afternoon riding becak with the wind blows over my face ;D

Okayyy, that's my adventure. And here's some bonus: Cheap Foods found near hotel (Jl. AM Sangaji Yogyakarta)

1. Neru Ramen, across Tentrem Hotel. Favorite! Only around $1 per portion and super full stomach!
I tried the curry broth (beware, it's super hot!) and ordered mango juice. The mango juice was superb, real mango and so refreshing ^^
Ummmm, if you wondered whether this ramen is halal or not, don't worry. Cheap ramen stalls around Jogja is like noodles. No they don't use p*rk :D

2. Nikkou Ramen. Been there twice. The first one, me and hubby arrived at 7 pm and their ramen was already sold out!!! >___< Then the day after, we went there at 6.30 pm and tried the menu (not complete, some menus were sold out, what the?!?!)
Broth not as savory as Neru Ramen. Price was around $1.5
Place was more comfortable than Neru.

3. Peacock Coffee. Delicious coffee at Rp 20.900 ($2). May not be suitable for a coffee expert but for a coffee liker, I like it. Tried cinnamon coffee (love it!) & green tea latte. Note that for a day, me and hubby only bought 1 cup and share it (although we love coffee, we avoid too much coffee coz it makes our stomach sick). Only for my hubby stay awaken during the nights when he had to study! 

5. Sego Goreng Kambing Goat. Delicious & cheap! Walaaahhh!! Bough a portion of fried rice (share it with hubby, because it has big portion) + extra egg + lamb meat & anti-cholesterol tea. Only paid $4 and our tummy = happy.

Then we moved to another hotel at the last day. Can you guess where is this?
It's in the hotel!

And tried Pecel Solo near Hyatt Yogyakarta. The most expensive Pecel I've ever tasted (but it's yummy!). Guests were all fashionable & mbois (hey suroboyo people do you know what mbois means?? Necis gituuu)
Pictures of Indonesian celebrities & politicians & president were on the wall (they visited Pecel Solo).
Paid $8 for a portion of pecel + terik daging (yum!) and nasi liwet (hubby loved it!)

Another yummy food I forgot to capture:
Rumah Makan Prasmanan Flamboyan - cheap! Masakan rumahan :9
Bebek Slamet - waaaa I love fried duck!!!!

Anyway, happy fasting! Sorry for posting so many foods here hehehehehee

Friday, July 4, 2014

Ied Outfit - Idul Adha 2013

Assalamu'alaikum, happy Ramadhan all! :D
Here's a very very late post of Eid al Adha 2013 (yes, last year!). Just found these pics in my harddisk hehehehe...

Girls wore the same fabric, tailored in different style ;D

Me and hubby need to be wiser on where to spend Eid, since our families live at different cities... Is it gonna be at my family's or at his. We spent last year's Idul Fitri at my grandma's house and Idul Adha at hubby's house :) This year's Idul Fitri will be at my hubby's family!

Full team photo of my in law's family

At first I thought this fabric's pattern was too bold for me... But it turned out to be okay...

*Karena baju lebaran tidak harus putih*

Friday, June 27, 2014

Kangen Sotosop

Postingan kali ini kutulis dengan bahasa Indonesia, soalnya berhubungan dengan hak cipta wekekekeke..
Jadiiii, sejak SMA (2003an) aku mulai berkenalan dengan Ph*toshop. Kala itu, yang bisa Ph*toshop masih jaraaang banget, dan kemampuan mengolah gambar jadi salah satu nilai plus-ku jaman SMA sampai kuliah. Diminta tolong ngedit buku tahunan kelas SMA, membuat poster-poster untuk himpunan mahasiswa, jualan kalender angkatan kuliah yang didesain sendiri, hingga membuat katalog waktu kerja di butik :p

Jaman suka meng-hijabified baju-bajunya desainer jadi hijab friendly pakai Photoshop :p Sila search di label Hijabified.
Tutorial memodifikasi baju untuk hijabified ada di sini.

Dulu aku pakai Ph*toshop bajakan (hiks). Semenjak ganti laptop, aku kehilangan Ph*toshop-ku dan harus beli CD *bajakan* lagi. Sudah 2x membeli CD sotosop bajakan, 2x pula registration key-nya ketahuan palsu! Ihik!

Jadilah lebih dari setahun aku nggak main Photoshop. Kangen sih, trus penasaran pengen beli sotosop yang asli. Ndilalah kok ternyata harga software original-nya hampir Rp 10 JUTA RUPIAH! Walaaaaahhhh..

Mencoba-coba bertahan dengan menggunakan software gratisan seperti Photoscape (mudah digunakan untuk sekedar memperbaiki gelap terang warna di foto supaya lebih appealing - nanti aku buat tutorialnya ya!), dan GIMP yang bisa bikin efek lebih canggih seperti Photoshop.... Tapiiii karena nggak terbiasa, apa yang bisa kukerjakan di Photoshop 5 menit, di GIMP aku butuh 20 menitan =__="

Alhamdulillah barusan aku dikasih Photoshop Portable sama Iena, blogger yang suka bagi-bagi tutorial editing gambar di Photoshop (cek di sini tutorialnya!)
Salah satu tutorial Iena: Photoshop Action

Apa sih Photoshop Portable itu?
Dari situs eHow:
Photoshop is a graphics program designed and sold by Adobe Systems, but the Adobe Portable software is not a part of the company's software collection. It is a free download available from independent sources, and is not sanctioned by the Adobe company.

Makasih yaaa Iena! ^_~ Jadiiii, mari kita utak utik foto pakai Photoshop lagiiii...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY Home Decor: Pop Frame!

Heyyy girls, this blue pop colored frame is my recent DIY thing for Home Decor :D

The frame was from my wedding picture--which I don't want to display at our minimalist house. Too formal pose, golden frame, and hubby wore purple beskap :p! And my jilbab was like... Margie Simpson's hair, too highhhh... Hahahahaaa...

Nahhh let's move on. Let's do something to make the frame match my home ambiance!

Remove the canvas picture.

Pylox it! I wish I had pastel colored Pylox... But this blue one is all I got ;)

After the paint dries, add some thick string (benang kasur?) at the back of frame using masking tape.
And hang your favorite photos!

Paperclip: from sister in law (Daisho Singapore--maybe available at Daisho Indonesia, too?)

FYI, the small side table/drawer is a landing strip of our home.
Every time we go home, we usually bring some clutters. Key, brochures, mails, coins...
This drawer (supposed to be) is the landing strip. Put everything here, sort, throw away what we don't need. Never pile 'garbage' in our home *yeah it's the theory, but in reality, time to time my home clutters are increasing =_="

A good sight of Landing Strip shown in Apartment Therapy, watch the video here :D
And what do we need in a landing strip in this video.

You know, good home photos found on the net usually looked so neat. No clutters are shown on top of tabe & sofa (no piles of magazines, snacks, mails, etc.). I wish!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why I Documented My Clothing

Long time not posting outfit thingy :p This is what I wore last week in Jogja, and repeated 2 days ago :D

Green cardi: Bandung FO, flower dress: tailor made, 
red bracelet: bought at Candi Prambanan Rp 1.000,- ($ 0.1!!!)

The Reason I Documented My Clothing(s) since the early time I blogged:
I'm not a fashionable woman, but I do like to take a picture (fashion journal) of my outfit. Why?
1. Sometimes I think I looked okay at the mirror, and go out... only to find out that my outfit doesn't suit me! (Bad combinations of colors or shape or whatever makes me uncomfortable during the day - usually seen at big mirrors at the malls wkwkwkkk). What I see in my room's mirror cannot show the wholeness, but a picture can.
2. When I looked good (according to myself) in a picture, it means I can repeat the same combinations all over again! Hahahahahahaa... Just like a catalog!
3. 'The Catalog' makes packing-for-traveling easier, since I know which top goes to which bottom :D

And since I used to repeat my mix & match, I actually only have small combinations of clothing - which means I can't do outfit post frequently. Coz I am wearing the same clothes as what I had posted :)))

Friday, June 13, 2014

Event: 1 Hari 1 Masjid

Assalamu'alaikum... Ramadhan is coming :D Where do you plan to do your taraweh prayer?
My online friend, Primadita, created an interesting blog event: 1 Hari 1 Masjid (1 Day 1 Mosque). She will collect 30 'masjid' stories from 30 bloggers to be published each day of Ramadhan. Fun isn't it?

To know more about this, go read her post in this link.
If you wanna join, tell her quickly before June 18. Pssst... there's a prize too for 2 lucky bloggers! :D

= = = = = =
Masjid Sheikh Al Zayed (from this post)

Masjid Quba from this post

Ahhh I also remembered a small beautiful masjid near my campus, at Perumahan Galaxy Bumi Permai, Surabaya...


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